it's not a project,

it's a purpose.

Architecture, Interior Design, and Planning

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Architecture Interior design Planning

Thiel Design Group (previously Courtney Harper + Partners) has established a 30-year legacy of architecture, interior design, and planning services. The firm focuses on three market sectors: healthcare, higher education, and science and technology. We have a keen ability to focus on people at every stage of the project experience and are well-known for delivering adaptable design and buildable solutions through meticulous preparation, superior documentation, and a streamlined, team-centric methodology. With every engagement, we promise to be the teaming partner you trust the most.

Highly regarded in the Houston and Texas Gulf Coast region, our group has a passion for architecture and an enthusiasm for our clients that are not only evident but highly valued. Our clients trust us to develop inspired ideas, engage collaboratively with all team members, and smoothly navigate the construction process. No matter the size, scope, complexity, and budget, you are a priority and deserve our best. For us, it’s not a project, it’s a purpose. 

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Why the asterisk?

The asterisk is a reference icon that highlights something special, that there is more to look for. For us, it represents that there is more to us beyond our name and logo.

It says that our design is defined by a vast array of attributes beyond drawings. The asterisk stands for our capabilities, aptitude, services, talent, and commitment, all delivered by people with passion. And as it marks the word design in our logo, it unequivocally symbolizes that design isn’t just a project, it’s a purpose.

Look for the asterisk, and you will always find more from Thiel Design Group.

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We are currently rebranding to Thiel Design Group to reflect new leadership and celebrate our growth and momentum. We want to thank all of our clients and employees for being a part of our success! Thiel Design Group is uniquely qualified to deliver attention, customization, and our A-team every time to our clients.